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Arming construction SMEs with the tools to compete in today’s tough labour marketplace

Our vision is to become the best blue collar workforce partner to the construction industry


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Our vision

A better way to manage your blue-collar workforce

You know how difficult it is finding the right workers, managing weekly payroll, approving paperwork, and fighting to retain your workforce so they don’t leave you for 50p an hour more somewhere else?

Instead of doing all this yourself, or relying on traditional recruitment agencies who don’t have your best interests at heart, we’ve built a platform that manages all your recruitment, payroll, workforce financing and admin in one place.

BuildStream - the smart workforce platform giving superpowers to SMEs in the UK construction sector.

people behind the Buildstream

Our people

All our employees have roots in construction and are proud to serve the industry

Terry Clarke

Co-Founder & CEO

Adam Hayek

Co-Founder & CPO

Richard Smith


Antonín Mašek

Software Engineer

Stewart Marsh

Software Engineer

Rachel Findlow

Finance Accounts Manager

Cristina Stef

Payroll Administrator

Ana Catana

Payroll Administrator

Trixia Clarke

Operations Manager

Abi Walker

Account Manager

Daniel Laming

Coverage across the UK

The workforce partner for clients across the UK

BuildStream provides UK construction companies with high quality, qualified workers that are ready to work, wherever they’re needed.

So happy working with BuildStream. Super easy to hire great workers to the project. Full clarity and transparency.

Matt o - YPP

Let’s work together!

Get high quality and local jobs across the whole United Kingdom. We will make sure you get paid on time.

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