How to manage quality inspections more efficiently

Why is it so difficult to coordinate quality inspections?

Last year we surveyed and interviewed over 100 quality managers, inspection coordinators, inspectors and project managers working in the EPC, manufacturing and third party inspection sectors to find out why 45% of planned inspections encounter some kind of issue or error, and how to manage quality inspections more efficiently at scale.

Three key reasons

  • Difficulty scheduling the inspection across multiple different stakeholders and projects
  • Making sure the right documents are readily available
  • Too many different systems in use (email, spreadsheets, native software)

Managing stakeholders

It's difficult enough to move these processes through internal teams such as Document Control, Quality & Project Managers, and Health and Safety. Add to that external partners including the inspection agency, manufacturer, and client which need to be kept informed, and it quickly becomes a time consuming and error prone process.

The process of setting up the QA and QC processes such as the ITP and testing procedures also becomes messy, especially with notification periods built into the contract creating additional time pressure.

How to manage quality inspections more efficiently

BuildStream enables quality teams and their project partners to source, schedule and manage quality inspections and audits more efficiently. We bring together scheduling, document management, team collaboration and planning into one easy to use software platform to tackle the hardest problems so you can focus on the rest of your job.

Key features

  • Set up an entire Inspection and Testing Plan (ITP) ahead of time, and add scheduling later
  • Mark up hold / witness points centrally (no email tennis required)
  • Track who is and isn’t attending the inspection
  • Sign, share and store project documents
  • Team messaging within the inspection environment

We've built this software to help everyone involved in the inspection process get the job done on site safely and efficiently, and our team will set up your team and any quality plans to get you started right away, so it's quick and easy to start saving time on your inspection admin.

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