Learn how our customers and contractors save time and money with BuildStream

Helping large agencies with last minute, hard to fill overseas roles

BuildStream recently partnered with one of the industry leading TIC agencies to support their internal team with several urgent hiring requirements for long term contract technical roles in the offshore wind sector. 

BuildStream supports OceanWinds with desktop document reviews for cables package at Moray East Wind Farm

Moray East is a 950 MW offshore wind project consisting of 100 wind turbines, located 22km off the north east coast of Scotland, and is a joint venture owned by Diamond Green Limited, CTG and Ocean Winds. The wind farm will be fully operational by the end of 2021 and will provide 40% of the electricity demand in Scotland.

Helping EDF Renewables save time and money working directly with inspection contractors

There are several advantages of using local inspection partners including local knowledge, easier access to site, and quicker/more flexible response times.

Supporting JDR Cables in growing their global supply chain with on-location supplier audits

JDR’s supply chain is vast and global, and they required support to undertake a supplier competency audit in the Middle East. Covid-19 travel restrictions at the time meant that it was not feasible for an internal employee to travel to undertake the audit, and instead, a third party vendor was required.

Winning work as an inspection vendor partner with BuildStream

Jonathan was contacted with a requirement from BuildStream to provide inspection support at a winching services company on behalf of our client, Louis Dreyfus Travocean. The works required a quick turnaround as it was in response to the semi-resident inspector being unexpectedly unavailable, and it was essential that the team worked to the planned schedule, to avoid delays to the project downstream.

Learn how Kintech and Vattenfall improved their inspection coordination efficiency by 80% with BuildStream

Maintaining the project schedule and ensuring the correct standards of quality are imperative to the success of a project, and effective communication between the different parties involved is a crucial element in terms of inspection, witness and hold points.
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