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November 25, 2021

BuildStream supports OceanWinds with desktop document reviews for cables package at Moray East Wind Farm


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Moray East is a 950 MW offshore wind project consisting of 100 wind turbines, located 22km off the north east coast of Scotland, and is a joint venture owned by Diamond Green Limited, CTG and Ocean Winds. The wind farm will be fully operational by the end of 2021 and will provide 40% of the electricity demand in Scotland.

Use case

The cables package team  at Ocean Winds (a joint venture between industry leaders EDP Renewables and ENGIE) required support to review the as built reports for a number of cable orders, and worked with BuildStream to engage an experienced contractor to undertake the document reviews remotely.


The client recommended a suitable contractor they had worked with before, who had previous experience of this type of work. BuildStream reached out to the contractor, created their profile including CV, an interview and certifications, and they were invited to bid for the work.

Because the client introduced the contractor for this work, they benefitted from BuildStream’s reduced rate hiring - which rewards clients for uploading their existing network of contractors to their BuildStream Contractor Directory, so they can be invited to future jobs with significantly less hassle compared to using internal resources to check contractor availability, assess bids via email / spreadsheet, and manage the hiring process.

Once the contractor was awarded the job, the technical reports were uploaded to BuildStream’s central platform by the client, and shared for review. Following an initial round of discussion about the specific requirements of the task, the contractor uploaded each completed report and submitted the work to the client for review and acceptance.

Once complete, the job was closed out, invoices approved and payment made by BuildStream to the contractor within 24h of job completion.


The turnaround of this project was > 1 day to onboard the contractor, and an estimated 20% cost saving compared to working with a traditional agency.

Remote expert support is a growing trend in the engineering industry as clients begin to take advantage of the network of expert knowledge that can be accessed remotely / virtually, and document reviews are just one tool available to clients to support their internal teams with flexible support that helps keep their projects on schedule and budget.

We believe that clients and contractors should benefit from their networks and be able to work together more easily without unnecessary fees that inflate the cost, and reduce worker take home pay. Our contractor directory is one of the ways we’re helping to move the industry forward, and if you’d like to hear more, reach out to us at or book a demo here.

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