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November 25, 2021

Helping EDF Renewables save time and money working directly with inspection contractors


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EDF Renewables’ St Nazaire offshore wind farm project will see the installation of 80 wind turbines approximately 12km offshore. The project involves a diverse supply chain which includes suppliers in the UK, and the project team required local support to inspect their vendor partners supplying goods and services into the project.

St Nazaire offshore wind farm instalation

Use case

There are several advantages of using local inspection partners in these situations, including local knowledge, easier access to site, and quicker/more flexible response times when inspections may be required at short notice.

However, when a client and supplier are based in different locations, it can be difficult and risky for the client to source inspection vendors themselves. LinkedIn and job boards are not built for this purpose, and it is more difficult to backfill an inspection if the original provider is unable to attend.


BuildStream supported EDF Renewables in quickly sourcing a local inspector with a long standing track record in the industry, local knowledge of the supplier, and with fast and easy access to the supplier facility.

Having this local coverage and expertise available on-demand and at the right price point enabled quality issues to be managed effectively and efficiently throughout the duration.

Working directly with your independent contractors

BuildStream enables clients to work directly with their inspection and audit contractors without the need for expensive intermediary fees. 

Our digital platform takes care of scheduling, document management, communication and all payments, invoicing and timesheet requirements. The outcome is fast access to the right people, wherever you need them, without the expensive fees in between.

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