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December 9, 2021

Helping large agencies with last minute, hard to fill overseas roles


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BuildStream recently partnered with one of the industry leading TIC agencies to support their internal team with several urgent hiring requirements for long term contract technical roles in the offshore wind sector. 

The agency had already invited their existing network of smaller agencies to fill the roles, however this approach had been unsuccessful at the point BuildStream was contacted.


The roles were located in Germany, Spain and France, and our partner’s client had specified a strong preference for local contractors in order to minimise the potential for future disruption in the event of tightening travel restrictions due to Covid.

Alongside local labour requirements, other key requirements for our agency partner were;

  • Very competitive pricing
  • Deep experience of local rules and regulations
  • All inclusive rates (requiring additional calculations for travel and accommodation from the candidates in some cases)


At BuildStream, we manage a fast growing, global network of independent contractors. Before matching contractors to roles, each contractor undergoes an onboarding process which includes;

  • A review of their current CV
  • Collection and checking of industry certifications and qualifications
  • Insurance and company documents capture
  • Competency interview

Once these checks are complete, we create a standardised BuildStream profile which clearly demonstrates their skills, experience, qualifications, references and more. These profiles can be trusted by the client to be a true representation of the contractor’s capabilities, which is crucial in matching the right candidates to roles as quickly as possible.

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