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November 25, 2021

Learn how Kintech and Vattenfall improved their inspection coordination efficiency by 80% with BuildStream


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Kintech Energy Limited supply a resin free Hang-off solution for the offshore wind sector. Its Managing Director, Mark Kinder has over 15 years experience with the design, manufacture and installation of submarine cables, and recently launched the industry first resin free hang-off solution.

The company was awarded a contract to supply Vattenfall with 54 units plus spare hang-offs for a cable replacement campaign, based on the advancement in technology and elimination of the resin, which makes the installation and maintenance processes safer and more efficient.

Kintech energy - Resin free hangoff
Resin free hang-off system by Kintech Energy Ltd.

The challenge

Maintaining the project schedule and ensuring the correct standards of quality are imperative to the success of a project, and effective communication between the different parties involved is a crucial element in terms of inspection, witness and hold points.  

Previously, Kintech Energy Limited managed the inspection process the traditional way, with inspection notifications (NOI’s) issued via email and respondents formalising their attendance using completed NOI’s and emails.  

Combined with formal manufacture/design document approvals and often external parties attending (third party inspection) this adds complexity to communications and often increases risk of missed or delayed inspections, incorrect document revisions available to the inspector, and fragmented communication (emails, phone calls etc) is an unwanted distraction.

The solution

Kintech Energy Limited engaged with BuildStream to manage the quality control plan, identifying all of the project inspection activities in the platform and notifying Vattenfall (the client) in a timely manner with minimum exchange of communication.  The transparency in communication enhances relations throughout the contract chain and enables responsiveness to supply chain issues and implications at all levels.

Successful shipment of components to Vattenfall
Successful shipment of components to Vattenfall

The results

The approach of using the BuildStream platform as a one stop shop for notifying all project stakeholders and managing the inspection process centrally supported Kintech in several key areas: 

  • Supported the on time delivery of the project
  • 80% more efficient communication compared to the traditional coordination approach
  • Transparency of the inspection status
  • A centralised and clear schedule of activities

Following this successful trial, Kintech Energy opted to standardise this approach for all projects, and will be using BuildStream to manage all future inspection coordination activities in the future.

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