July 29, 2021

Supporting JDR Cables in growing their global supply chain with on-location supplier audits

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JDR (owned by TFKable Group) is a world-class provider of subsea technologies and services connecting the global offshore energy industry. Their products enable vital control and power delivery for both the oil and gas and renewable energy sectors, and they are active on some of the most prominent projects in the energy sector globally.

JDR Cables
JDR Cables manufacturing site

Client requirements

JDR’s supply chain is vast and global, and they required support to undertake a supplier competency audit in the Middle East. Covid-19 travel restrictions at the time meant that it was not feasible for an internal employee to travel to undertake the audit, and instead, a third party auditor was required.

There were several specific qualifications and experience criteria which JDR required from the auditor, including ISO 9001 Lead Auditor status and specific experience with the products being purchased. Due to the location of the supplier, it was also essential that the auditor spoke the local language and had an understanding of working practices, rules and regulations.

It was vital to ensure a quick and efficient turnaround of the supplier audit due to the nature of the project, and without a local network in the supplier’s country, it could have been time consuming and risky for the JDR team to try to source an international auditor remotely. 

Solution and benefits

JDR chose BuildStream to source a suitably qualified, available auditor  located close to the supplier facility. Once the auditor was sourced, verified and background and competency checked, the workflow came into the BuildStream eco system where all scheduling, communication and documentation was managed between the auditor, JDR, the supplier, and the coordination team.

Using the BuildStream platform to manage the audit workflow instead of emails and spreadsheets saved a significant amount of time, and helped the team save money  while helping to reduce errors as each individual activity is accounted for - with all comms etc fully auditable.

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