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"I've worked via Buildstream for a few months and they're always there to make sure everything's OK and that you're getting paid what you've earned... Great company"

Ryan Sullivan, scaffolder

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COTS Scaffolder

Tethered tools are preferred. 5x8h days.

360 operator

Tethered tools are preferred. 5x8h days.

Advanced Scaffolder

Tethered tools are preferred. 5x8h days.

Part 2 Scaffolder

Tethered tools are preferred. 5x8h days.

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“BuildStream have kept me and my gang of three in with work for months as all the good local companies now know who we are and can hire us easily"

H Gabour, Groundworker


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Working with BuildStream

"I want to stay working local and BuildStream have been great finding me a role that’s lasted four months so far”

Max Graham
Scaffolder in Milton Keynes

"Working with buildstream has been fantastic no fuss no dramas and I'm more than happy to work with you guys for as long as I can"

Jamie Anderson

"I've worked for Buildstream for a few months now and they are always there to make sure everything's ok and that your getting paid what you've earned..great company"

Ryan Sullivan

"Buildstream is great. One of the best agencies to keep you in constant work. No complaints at all. Abi is a legend too :)"

Lewis Lupton

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