Product update: Connecting clients and contractors directly

Today we are announcing an exciting set of features to connect contractors and clients directly without the need for a largeagency. Simply add you contractors, request a quote and manage the rest of the process in our platform.

This is perfect in case you already know who you want to work with, and want to avoid paying any high agency fees.

Contractor directory

You can now invite your existing contractor network to your BuildStream directory. We will make sure everyone is onboarded, has an up-to-date profile and is ready to respond to your inquiries.

Collect bids and check contractor availability without sending a single email

All uploaded CVs are made searchable so you can easily filter your directory by skills, certifications or industry experience and find the most suitable candidates for your job, saving you hours of going through individual profiles.

Invite contractors from your director to bid on work

Reach out to us by replying to this email and we can help you get started.

Requesting a quote

For contractors it's now easy to manage all inquiries through BuildStream without sending a single email. Simply share your public profile link on your LinkedIn, in your email signature or directly with you clients.
For clients this flow is accessible directly from the contractor directory where you can request a quote from your existing network.

Collect and respond to work enquiries from anyone in BuildStream

Not only will they see your experience, skills and certifications in one place but they can also request a quote through our simple online form. Once the request is submitted it lands in your inbox where you can submit your response in two clicks.