Fair and transparent pricing

Traditional agency model

Expensive, opaque fee structure, slow communication and a lack of modern online tools.

With BuildStream

  • Access to over 1,000 vetted quality professionals
  • Qualified candidates for your project within 24 hours
  • Transparent fee structure on top of candidate day rates
  • Compliant cross-border hiring out of the box
  • Invoicing and scheduling managed 100% online

Lowest fees in the industry

Hire the best people for less without the usual payroll overhead
Post a job for free
  • First use
  • Repeat use
    • BuildStream fee

    • $50/day*
    • $25/day*
    *Fees are applied on top of the contractors daily rates

    Free project management suite

    Access our suite of tools to save time and reduce errors
    Create your free profile
    • Built-in video calls for remote inspections
    • Activity scheduling and attendance
    • Document management and e-signing
    • Contractor directory and smart CV search
    • Invoicing and compliant payroll
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