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Grow and manage your temp blue-collar workforce with ease

Our tech-powered hiring, finance and payroll services are helping leading construction SMEs save time and money on their temp blue-collar workforce

"We're saving £2/hour on each operative by hiring them from our private network which BuildStream manages for us"


Everyone in construction knows the risks and challenges of temp blue-collar labour

Finding and retaining people

Posting jobs and screening candidates costs valuable time. Dealing with no-shows, walk-offs and people dropping your job for 50p an hour more elsewhere risks derailing your schedule

Cash flow and costs

Growing a construction company isn't easy. Keeping cash flow stable is tough when you pay people weekly but clients pay you on 30+ days. Relying on traditional recruitment agencies for labour eats into your profit

Too much paperwork

Collecting and approving timesheets, compliance documents and tracking which site people are working on is time consuming and error prone when you're juggling multiple projects

How we help

Hire vetted, local operatives for £2.50/ hour margin

How we help
leverage your network

Hire operatives you already know and trust for £1.50/ hour margin  

Built for companies that already have a solid network, but don't have time to manage the hiring process internally.

We'll build you a private network where you can quickly hire operatives and get 14-30 day payment terms to help with cash flow

How we help

Eliminate errors, delays and disputes

Our custom-built software replaces manual paperwork, saving your busy teams hours per week on admin. Ensure people get paid accurately and on-time with digital timesheets, and view or download any document 24/7

How and where we can help

Helping our clients on 100+ sites across the UK

BuildStream is helping the UK’s leading construction SMEs work with high quality, reliable operatives


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Active Workers



Completed Projects

How it works

It's like having an elite recruiter on your team, without the cost

"BuildStream helped us hire 30 guys for our first project with a tier one client. They were a big factor that ensured we could scale up and finance the workforce"

managing director - civils & groundworks company in yorkshire


Tell us what you need— Call, email or text us and we’ll find the best people available


Approve workers — We’ll send a list of all available operatives for you to approve


Site work — Confirm hours worked and sign timesheets online, we’ll take care of weekly payroll


Review your workforce — Add private reviews and ratings so everyone on your team knows who the hidden gems and bad apples are

What clients say about us

"They do what they say they'll do and I've recommended them to other companies"

Stockton Drilling and Piling

"Really happy with our partnership with BuildStream. High quality operatives and the software platform saves us time"

Matt Oxley

"Great quality operatives, and payment terms that help us grow"

John Hawk
Hawk Scaffolding

Let’s work together!

Fast growing construction businesses in the UK are using BuildStream to save time and money on recruitment. Let’s see how we can help you do the same.

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