We source and activate passive candidates for recruiters

Specialising in quickly and consistently identifying and activating hard to find passive candidates for recruiters in ConstructionEnergy and Engineering so they can fill vacancies faster
  • Unlimited job postings
  • Qualified applicants or  your money back
  • All candidates are screened by our in-house team
  • Shortlists prepared for your feedback within 24 hours
  • Active and passive candidates (that we activate for you)
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Improve fill rate

Faster time to fill

Increase deals per rep

Better CV to interview ratio

Screened shortlists ready in 1 biz day
We guarantee to send the initial shortlist within 1 business day and every candidate is screened by our team before making it onto your shortlist
Candidate activation done for you
See which candidates are interested in a conversation so you can contact them before your competitors and avoid wasting time contacting the wrong candidates yourselves
Active and passive candidates
We quickly search the entire market for active and passive candidates to give you the best chance of finding the ideal candidate before anyone else
We're specialists, not generalists
We focus solely on the Construction, Energy and Engineering sectors so you benefit from our ever growing network and expertise
Experts on-demand
Our in-house team are experts in their fields with 4+ years experience and respond to you quickly and clearly in our platform
Work with us on a pay as you go basis or get a monthly subscription for unlimited searches. Cancel anytime without any penalties

How it works

Submit your request through a simple form
You give feedback on an initial batch of candidates sourced and screened by us
We pre-qualify your favourite candidates to confirm who's interested
You focus on the candidates most likely to convert, and close more deals

Pay-as-you-go and monthly packages

£79 per search

Or 5 for £349
  • Pre screened, passive and active candidates
  • Initial shortlist in 1 business day
  • Pre-qualification step
  • Unlimited users
  • Valid forever

Unlimited tier

Starts at £1,200/month, best for larger organisations
Everything in pay-as-you-go plus:
  • Unlimited searches
  • Guaranteed applicants
  • Priority support and response times

    Case studies

    Our goal is to ensure you get a strong ROI on our service by helping you close more deals, faster

    Improving win rate for contingency and PSL roles, achieving 25x ROI

    Client profile:
    12 person independent Technical & Engineering agency working 100% contingency and PSL roles

    They were included on several PSLs of Tier 1 clients, but made no placements in the previous 6 months and were about to give up on it as a sales channel

    Project goal:
    Help their consultants identify and contact unique passive candidates as fast as possible to improve the PSL win rate

    Passive candidate short lists delivered within four hours of job posting, including contact details
    - Three placements made in month one resulting in 25x ROI

    Market mapping to warm new desks before expansion

    Client profile:
    50+ person agency part of a group of four brands expanding into the US, filling White Collar and Perm roles for larger SMEs and Enterprises. 75% retained, 25% contingency

    Not enough time or internal resource to map the candidate market in specific locations to warm up desks for new Consultants and keep up with fast growing client demand

    Project goal:
    Thorough mapping of candidates for specific roles and locations, including contact details

    4,000+ target candidates mapped within one week, including contact details
    - Market map is maintained and updated by BuildStream on a monthly basis 
    - Reduced time to first revenue for new Consultants

    Undertaking qualifying calls for candidates in different timezones  

    Client profile:
    1+ person fully retained executive agency based in the UK recruiting Senior Management and Execs into the Civil Engineering sector in the US

    Candidates in the US were only available after 5PM ET (10PM GMT), which did not align with the agency owner’s schedule in the UK due to the 5h time difference

    Project goal:
    Provide a consistent, high quality service to undertake qualifying calls with candidates and pass on to the agency owner when complete

    Set a process to call candidates on their schedule in US time zones
    - Qualifying call script written and resourcer trained up
    - Calls undertaken on schedule to consistent high standard, enabling agency owner to work US market

    Adding extra  capacity and achieving 21x ROI

    Client profile:
    3 person independent Construction and M&E agency in London, filling White Collar roles for Main Contractors

    Loss of revenue due to disorganised internal resourcing process and inability to fill all roles offered by their existing clients

    Project goal:
    Provide a consistent, high quality source of candidates to the Managing Director

    Two additional placements made in the first four weeks 
    - Doubled their usual monthly fill rate resulting in 21x ROI

    Pre-qualifying candidates to improve time to fill KPI

    Client profile:
    Mid-size agency filling white-collar roles in the Engineering sector

    Consultants wasting time reaching out to inactive candidates + not reaching active candidates quickly enough

    Project goal:
    Pre-qualify candidates on behalf of the agency so their consultants can focus time on candidates most likely to convert 

    - 24% response rate from candidates
    - 3 roles filled in one month from our pre-qualified searches 

    Buyer mapping for re-marketing candidates

    Client profile:
    30+ person agency in the Renewables and Infrastructure sector

    Candidates rejected by retained clients were not being re-marketed consistently enough due to a lack of buyer information for prospective accounts in the area

    Project goal:
    Map all Hiring Managers at prospective accounts to enable fast and consistent remarketing

    Contact details for Hiring Managers at 100+ prospective accounts mapped in under 1 week

    Reducing software overspend by £16k

    Client profile:
    8 person independent Engineering & Manufacturing agency making white collar perm and long term contract placements in the UK and EU

    - Software bloat had crept up on the company and they were spending £30k+ per year on underutilised tools including CV Library, Indeed, LinkedIn etc 
    - LinkedIn InMail response rates declined significantly and Management no longer believed in it as an outreach method. Quoted £10k+ for more credits by LinkedIn

    Project goal:
    Reduce overspend while improving sales performance and coverage of  contact details for candidates and buyers to provide sales team with reliable alternative to LinkedIn InMail

    Eliminated £16k of the overspend by reducing LinkedIn subscriptions and job board usage
    - Mapped 10k+ target buyers and candidates, including contact details
    - Estimated 20x ROI

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